Continuity of belief systems

Continuity of belief systems

Jun 01

Two days ago I returned back home to Uppsala and Sweden after some great weeks in Greece. Well not just some, all the three weeks were great. Perhaps one of the most interesting things to me was to visit Eleusis the great sanctuary that for approximately 1k continuous years was the centre of the mystery cult of Demeter and her daughter Persephone. This is very close to my interest in what can be used to create convincing experiences for people. Unfortunately we know very little about the mysteries themselves. And there is of course an interesting question about if it was a continuous cult at the sight or not.

That was the big question for the course that I attended at the Swedish Institute in Athens – what can we say about continuity and construction of Greek ancient religion. Although our perspective went all the way to the present day so it was not all about what happened up to 1500 years ago. The course was given by Uppsala University and brought together a group of interesting and different people that I am very happy to have met. What the requirements are for us to be able to speak about cult continuity was made more unclear during the course at the same time as my knowledge and understanding of ancient Greece increased. It is often the case that when studying something more questions are raised than answered. Hopefully I can fuse together my ideas about the topic to some promising result.

Besides visiting a number of well know and less well known sites, with some very knowledgable people I also had the opportunity to meet some magicians and mentalists. Among the places visited were Mycenae including the lion gate and the amazing tholos graves, Marathon with monuments after the battle, The Poseidon sanctuary at Poros which is a Swedish excavation, and of course the Acropolis (the one in Athens) where we got permission to go inside the Parthenon and Erechtheion. These sights and others were chosen to give an understanding of continuity of cult and also construction and lack of continuity. Among the magicians I met was Perseus Arkomanis, ΔΙΟΝΥΣΗΣ ΓΟΥΛΙΜΗΣ, Phedon Bilek and Titanas. Perseus was very nice in arranging a lecture for me and I also saw him work at the B-Kouti Bar in Athens. Dionysus came to my lecture and invited me to see his show at the El Convento Del Arte, which is also in Athens and a place with a wonderful atmosphere that I can recommend in it self and even more so if The Amazing Dio is performing. With Phedon I could speak French instead of English which is always nice in a country where everyone speaks a language you don’t know. Phedon had some very interesting ideas as do the last one on the list Titanas whom I seen a number of times on the Internet since he is one of the great inventors and producers of magic in Europe.

Beside the lecture I did do some small performances during the course including at the Swedish Institute.

If anyone wonders what it is like to be back in Sweden, the answer is quiet.10929917_10153196277181760_554361517417518084_n 11140749_10152756105801822_5290027562350558343_n

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