Mentalism provides the audience with something different: a mix of entertainment, thought-provoking questions, and strong sensations. That means that your guests will have many strong impressions from the feast or lecture you are organising.



Mentalism is the art of influencing, interpreting or deceiving our amazing brain. A mentalist can not break the laws of nature. But what is really impossible to do?
Exactly like a magician it is the mentalists job to do the impossible and to make the audience appreciate it. Unlike a magician however, a mentalist uses all five of his senses to create the illusion of a sixth.*




Part of mentalism’s techniques come from the dark seances during the high point of spiritualism in the 19th century. Others come from modern psychological research on how people influence and are influenced by others.



The audience is at the heart of every demonstration of mind reading or influence. Mentalism can be performed to all sizes of audience. If it is done for five people at a table, or on a stage in front of five hundred the result is still fascination and the entertainment value just as large.

* The idea that humans have five senses comes from Aristotle and modern science considers that humans have considerably more. When one includes such as balance, a feeling of hunger etc. the result is that humans have between 11 and 16 senses. But it sounds better with five.