Science is fun because it is true! But what is truth? Different claims quickly spread in our society and make it more important than ever to discern what we know and what is made up. How one can think about knowledge is what I lecture about.


Science is creativity and imagination but also to realise that one can be wrong and to try to find those errors. I talk about critical thinking and explain how one as an individual or organisation can avoid the pitfalls that I as a mentalist use to create the illusion of a sixth sense. Our brains have us believe that we have a better understanding of the world than we really have, but since antiquity we have learned more and more how to avoid being fooled, that is something I like to talk about.


Science is a powerful method to understand the world around us but not all questions can be answered scientifically. To learn about critical thinking include to realise what questions are scientific and which are not. Though even the questions that are not scientific require answers and that is an important part of rhetoric and philosophy, it is at the very heart of a democratic society and something everyone should know.


Science and critical thinking can be described and explained on many different levels. From the fundamentals to detailed discussions about statistics, epistemology, logic, methodology, sources and much more. What one should focus on depend on what needs and previous knowledge one has. What is important is that when one understands the world better one will be more effective.


It is fun to learn about Science when it is combined with mind reading and examples are taken from non-sciences like alchemy, dowsing and conspiracy theories. Learning to reason and analyse arguments is not only useful but also enjoyable. There are not many lectures in which you can mention philosophers like Khun and Popper together with extra terrestrials and the myth of Atlantis.

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Per Johan Råsmark Ph.D.