Do you need entertainment for a party or an entertaining presentation on critical thinking and the scientific method?

Examples of performances and prices

Mentalism is suitable both as entertainment for small groups or a large audience. The focus is on the people who are present! The scientific method is useful in all contexts dealing with knowledge, that is why it is important to everyone!

With the audience’s capacity for observation, influence, and imagination an atmosphere is created where impossible things like mind reading, predictions and physical phenomenon happen right before their eyes. It creates unforgettable memories, laughter and enraptured astonishment. Give your friends, colleagues, or business associates the experience of something indescribable and memorable.

Starting from common sense and various fallacies it is explained what science is and its limitations. The audience get to experience how the senses and our thoughts can lead us astray if we don’t know what to watch out for. Your students, colleagues, and employees will appreciate you because they receive useful information and helpful insights while laughing and enjoying themselves.

Examples of performances and prices