Performances and lectures are available in Swedish or English to fit your requirements. For engagements outside of Uppsala travel expenses might be added.

For specific discounts and offers see bottom of page.

per001Stage Show
The audience is the focus in this show, there volunteers are invited to become stars on stage. It can be an audience of 50 or 500. It can be a show at a conference, a performance at a party, or entertainment during a dinner. The length of the show is adaptable to your needs and it can even be divided in segments to be a recurring element, e.g. between the courses of a dinner.
Price: 5 000 – 20 000 SEK


Need an educational talk that contains practical knowledge and will excite your audience? The lecture explains in an understandable way the scientific method and its benefits, gives openings to advanced studies and also gives examples the participants can use themselves to explain what science is.

Companies, institutions, and schools will all benefit from the lecture, which is adapted to the requirements of the audience.
Price: 10 000 – 30 000 SEK

Exclusively for companies of 4-8 people, this is an evening performance of just over one hour where the participants get an intense experience of their inherent abilities and weaknesses. Both unexplainable phenomenon and intriguing insights into the world of mentalism with honest and dishonest liars are promised. A perfect way to round off an pleasant evening with good friends.

Price: 3 000 :- weekday evenings, 5 000 :- weekends

Reception or trade show
Need entertainment at a reception? Mentalist phenomenon can be displayed to groups of 5-15 people at a time and will let them share the experience with people they meet. Need an attraction at your booth for a trade show? Shorter performances attract an audience and can include effects specially developed for a product or message.

Price: on request

Need someone that can hold together a conference or be the MC for a dinner, and who does it with intelligent remarks, perfect attention to the time, and with an occasional miracle or two?

Price 4 000 – 10 000 SEK

Special prices for non-profit organisations, congregations and schools are available upon request. A general discount of 50% is applied to all events connected to Uppsala University, the student union at Uppsala University, or any of the student nations.