After dinner show

Every formal dinner or friendly feast should have unforgettable entertainment with the food. Even if it’s called an after dinner show it might as well be performed as an integrated part of the dinner with performances between the different courses or everything in the middle or beginning of the dinner.


The show focus more on the light hearted side of mind reading but is as bewildering as all apparent miracles should be. With a well timed show the rhythm between toasts, speeches, food, and entertainment will be natural and make the event enjoyable to every guest. Naturally the guests will be an important part of the show and help to spread joy to all the other guests. If there is someone that really should be at the centre of everyone’s attention such as a birthday child, a boss or important client special effects can be created. It is also possible to adapt the show to a specific theme.


The duration of the entertainment depend on what else will happen during the dinner but is no more than about 30 minutes.

Did you know?

Magicians and mentalists are often secretive about their methods and it is difficult to know exactly when people first began using the craft and for what purpose. From history we have legends of oracles and mediums that could know the future or the deepest secrets of people. If they used similar methods as the entertainers of today we don’t know. What is certain is that so far nobody has been able to show any supernatural ability under scientific test conditions.