Schools & Teachers

Education has never been just about the facts. In recent years there has been an increased focus on important skills like creativity, critical thinking, communication, and the scientific method.

These two lectures, either directed toward the pupils or toward teachers interested in new ways to introduce the scientific method and critical thinking in the classroom, are based on a long tradition of pedagogical thinking. Both lectures relate to everyday life today as well as extraordinary things that everyone in the audience have heard of. The goal is to have people understand that everyone including yourself, can be wrong, and claims should be tested not believed.

In the school lecture a number of impossible things are performed to initiate discussion while for the teachers the lecture focus on how blatantly unscientific claims can be used as examples to illustrate the scientific method. The lectures in different variations have been presented to numerous schools and teachers, and been a part of the course Good and Bad Science at Uppsala University.

The school lecture is 2 hours with a break in the middle. The lecture for teachers is 3-4 hours depending on what is included.

To book a lecture or inquire about other forms of collaboration contact Vikarielärare, further details can be found under booking.

Did you know…?

Critical thinking is never isolated from the topic it is applied to. Without an understanding of the basic facts it is not possible to think critical about new propositions. A real problem is when one is so unfamiliar with the facts that one has the false assumption that one is skilled in the field, this leading to the problem of being unskilled and unaware of it.