Science & Critical Thinking

The scientific method is without doubt the best method we have to understand the world.

Unfortunately it is often counter intuitive so even proponents of the method sometimes fail to apply it. And sometimes people don’t want to use science because reality doesn’t care if the result we get from applying the method is what we want or not. Because of this no individual, or organisation, can assume that they are as rational as they want to be.


This is not a feel-good lecture in positive thinking but an attempt to sell the point that ”doubt is good” and the audience should leave with more questions than answers. That doesn’t mean that you will not learn anything, quite the opposite. You will learn more about how science work in evaluating a situation and the proposed actions to improve it than ever before. This is all done accompanied with suitable effects of mind reading that illustrates the pitfalls of everyday fast thinking.

The lecture is available in a quick 40 minutes format, including Q&A, suitable as an insertion in a longer list of talks at a conference or as a longer, more thorough, lecture of 4 hours including breaks.


Did you know…?

The scientific method can be linked to humanity’s greatest accomplishments through history. In the 17th and 18th century the understanding of physics led to the industrial revolution and in the 19th century when medicine became scientific it led to greater health and longer life expectancy. It was possible because science incorporate the critical evaluation of ideas to avoid doing costly mistakes.