Stage show

The stage show does not require a traditional stage but can be performed at a conference centre, in a university auditorium, or if necessary in an open space of suitable size. Due to its adaptability the stage show can be a part of a training day, performed at a birthday party, or be a spot in a variety show etc.



Since mind reading requires participants not just observers, the audience are at the centre of the show. Even if mind reading is a profoundly personal experience the effect of it is transmitted to the audience at large through the reaction of the people on stage. As long as the performer and the participants can be seen and heard the show can be performed for any size of audience.


What the show will give your audience is a mind blowing experience of what appear to be a sixth sense and that will have them talking for a long time about the entertainment you booked.


The duration of the standard stage show is roughly 45 minutes but can be adapted to your requirements.

Did you know?

Some of the great names from the history of mentalism led extraordinary lives. Dunninger performed for Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Edison at the age of seventeen and became one of the first to perform mentalism on both radio and later television. Anna Eva Fay was elected the first Honorary Lady Associate of The Magic Circle in London in 1913 after a long career performing as a medium.