Entertainment is an important component in all the lectures but the most important is the wealth of knowledge that they include. It is true that everyone forms their own knowledge in their mind, though the clear and direct presentations skills of Dr. Råsmark makes it very easy for the audience to do so.

There are three different types of lectures. Two concern the scientific method and are aimed at the professional world and the education system respectively, and the third lecture teaches how to use magic as an ice breaker.

“The first principle [of science] is that you must not fool yourself and you are the
easiest person to fool.”
– Richard P. Feynman

”Sì perché l’autorità dell’opinione di mille nelle scienze non val per una scintilla di ragione di un solo.”
“In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble
reasoning of a single individual.”
– Galileo Galilei

Science & Critical Thinking

Open up your organisation to learn and understand more about the scientific method and how to apply it.


Schools & Teachers

In all education it is stressed that one should learn to think critically here is a way to do it in a fun and engaging way.


Ice Breakers

To meet new people can be a lot of fun but sometimes it may feel like one needs a little extra magic to create that special experience.