Ambulating performance

When the audience is more than a handful of people the close-up entertainment will have to move around so that everyone will have the chance to be a part of the experience. In a banquet setting the performance will move between the different tables, at a cocktail party or in a hospitality suite the excitement follows the performance from group to group.

Moving from audience to audience it is possible to create an intimate experience between the participants in a way that is not possible from the stage. It is a perfect way to introduce the individuals to new faces in the group bringing people together in the experience. It is also suitable for gatherings where everybody is already familiar with everyone else as it gives the group something to talk about.

The time of each performance will vary with the size of the audience and the total amount of time available.


Did you know…?

Ambulating performances require an acute Fingerspitzengefühl from the performer who must determine if the entertainment is a welcome interruption or not. In a restaurant setting it is therefore common that the maître d’ enquire from the guests weather they would appreciate some entertainment from the house performer before bringing an additional chair to the table.