The information on this page is selected to manipulate your impression of Per Johan Råsmark’s ability to entertain and provide knowledge and even if you are aware of this the manipulation happens anyway.

“Incredible! It is no exaggeration when I say that beyond the shadow of a doubt, Dr. Råsmark is the best and by far most fascinating master of mentalism I have ever had the pleasure of seeing perform. I have spent hours just discussing his special abilities with friends and fellow scientists, never being able to exactly pin down how he manages to do his magic!”
Robert R. (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

“Before seeing Per Johan’s performance I thought it would be something with handkerchieves, roses, maybe rabbits and things like that… I was very surprised and completely taken by this performance, also because I’m not the person believing in magic… When Per Johan found out the numbers people were thinking of or who had which kind of stone – I was still thinking – OK, maybe he knows the people and they have some kind of signal… But when Per Johan chose me, and he knew which card I had chosen and which kind of picture I’m going to draw – and it was completely right – I got completely shocked… I had never ever seen him before and I have really tried everything to hide my thoughts… and I was sure he would never ever find out, what I’m thinking about this time… I was wrong and I got quite scared, how much he can find out about people and oh my god, how is he doing this??? The performance was very funny, intelligent and amazing and if I have the possibility I will go for it again and again and not only to find out how he is doing this magic…”
Sylva B. (Prague, Czech Republic)

“Per Johan is a highly gifted magician, but as well as his magical skills, he is also a highly gifted entertainer. I have watched him keep audiences nearly hypnotized as they have watched him perform and he knows how to work an audience. I would definitely highly recommend him!”
Lynn K. (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

“PJ’s lecture was amazing, I remembered some old and learnt some totally new effects, all in all that was a full packed lecture with some great attention on the details. Big thumbs up!!!!”
Titanas (Athens, Greece)

“The lecture was GREAT yesterday!!”
Amazing Dio (Athens, Greece)

“P.J. was awesome! What a great lecture that was!!! I really enjoyed loads of his ideas and subleties! We should deffinately get you back soon!”
Perseus (Athens, Greece)

“It only serves to show what sort of person a man must be who can’t even get testimonials. No, no; if a man brings references, it proves nothing; but if he can’t, it proves a great deal.”
– Joseph Pulitzer