Want to know what Per Johan Råsmark can do specifically for your event? Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about availability, format, or cost.


Contact Per Johan Råsmark directly.

Lectures for Schools & Teachers

Please contact Vikarielärare to learn more about the lectures offered to schools and how they can be adapted to your needs, or read more here.

Per Johan Råsmark and Vikarielärare have worked together for several years and yet if the company mostly suply substitute teachers in the Stockholm region the lectures are available throughout Sweden.

Primary contact
Elias Glaveby
Phone: +46 073-680 42 63

Sveavägen 98, 2 tr. 113 50 Stockholm
08 – 121 487 93

Lectures on Science & Critical Thinking, and Ice Breakers

Contact Per Johan Råsmark directly.

Contact info

mobile: +46 (0)705778158
phone: +46 (0)18-126581

Per Johan Råsmark
S:t Johannesgatan 4A
SE-75311 Uppsala


If an event is cancelled one month (30 days) or earlier before its scheduled date no payment is required, except for already incurred expenses as tickets etc. A cancellation less than a month before the event will be subjected to a cancellation fee of 30% of the cost of the engagement + incurred expenses.